[Report]Exhibition of New Game! photo report

GAMERS Akihabara reopened after renovation on 09 July!

Exhibition of “NEW GAME!” was held on 7th floor.(09 July – 24 July)

It’s a newly aired anime series from July 2016, originated from manga.
Comedy in a video game developer with many cute girls !

[Anime][Manga]NEW GAME! museum & hand event in Akihabara(秋葉原)

Life size pop with seiyuu’s autograph.

OP singer “fourfolium”‘s costume.

Anime images.

Illustrations of “得能正太郎Shōtarō Tokunō“(author of original manga)!

So beautiful!!



His art book will be released on 27 September!

PV & comics corner.

Goods corner!

がんばるぞい!Ganbaru Zoi!(I’ll do my best!Zoi!)” is a vogue word from this manga among Japanese young Otaku people(mainly on the Web).

“zoi” is a word to emphasis with no particular meaning.
People in Tokyo don’t speak with “zoi”.
Maybe in Fukushima or Kanazawa ???

This is comment board for visitors.

Look closely, vogue word “ぞい!Zoi!” is used.

Free advertisement newspaper “えくすとら・おたまっぷ(Extra・Ota Map)” is distributed.

Introductory article of “New Game!”

Interview with seiyuu.

Article of new Anime

Akihabara map

This froor, mini exhibition of “デ・ジ・キャラットDi Gi Charat” was held too.

It is a mascot character of GAMERS designed by “こげどんぼKoge-Donbo

Her beautiful illustration sense had a large effect on Otaku illustrators.

And exhibition of イロドリミドリ(Irodorimidori)&CHUNITHM was held too.

As GAMERS is always holding some exhibition, please visit there and experience the living Anime and Manga!

Akihabara Gamers

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