[Original Manga]Income of Mangaka

At first, mostly Japanese mangas are published in a magazine, secondly their episodes are edited for a comic book to sell.
The publication frequency of magazine is exemplified as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.
We work hard and gain much in short-term magazines, but work less and gain less in long-term ones.
Mangakas who is working for a monthly or a quarterly tend to have a side job.

A comic book consists about 200 pages. So “weekly mangaka” can publish his/her book in a short time.
Short-story or comedy authors who draw only 2 to 6 pages par month must spend several years for a book.
On the other hand, prolific mangaka must hire an assistant (mentioned later) and it costs much.
Hard work without exercise could make money but would ruin our health. It’s not only for mangaka.

If you have talent for drawing manga and prefer to work in the room, mangaka is best job.
No boss bothers you, never getting into crowded trains, no one asking your academic degree.
There are many mangaka like Sugiyama who continue to work with making a little money and receiving good pleasure.
Euh, in reality, the majority of mangaka is like him, millionaires are very rare.

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