[Report] Tokyo Game Show 2016

15 September 2016 – 18 September 2016 was Tokyo Game Show(TGS) at Makuhari Messe!

Kaihin Makuhari Station is very crowded with many people!

Around the ticket gate is dressed with some video game advertisements.

At the floor too.

As soon as we go out the station, there is poster of TGS!
…What is this corrugated board box?
In red letters “梨園からの 贈物 Nashien Karano Okurimono(Present from pear orchard)”??

Wow! street vendor!
Complete mystery!

Cycomi” is distributed freely close by the pear vendor.

A few minutes’ walk brings us to Makuhari Messe.

Many tapestries!

Large screen!

Persona5 car!

Entering the TGS, we can see the Game School exhibition booths.

日本ゲーム大賞 アマチュア部門受賞
Nihon Game Taisho Amateur Bumon Jusho(Winners of Japan Game Awards(Amateur))

日本一ソフトウェア × NCA 名古屋コミュニケーションアート
Nippon Ichi Software × Nagoya Communication Art School

Nippon Ichi Software

東洋美術学校 “ガールズストライド”
“Girls Stride” by Toyo Institute of Art & Design

Toyo Institute of Art & Design

An immense quantity of hopeful’s works!

And there is an air of excitement at the booth!

I’m so excited about Video Game and Otaku culture’s future!

But I get enthusiastic too much…
Let’s take a short break.

This is “かき氷 Kakigori”! (Japanese shaved ice sweets)
I have loved it since I was child!
I’m alive once again.

Let’s go around to Game Maker’s booth!

Wow! イケメン声優Ikemen Seiyuu(handsome voice actor) talk show!

This is booth of “Voltage“.
乙女ゲームメーカーOtome Game maker.

Otome Game is very popular in Japan lately.

Ohhhhhh!! Ikemen!!

They have a board which is written “信長Nobunaga” “幸村Yukimura”.
This is probably “天下統一恋の乱Tenka Toitsu Koi no Ran(Unification of the whole country & Love battle)” stage.

What is this next booth?
Very long girl’s queue.

This Ikemen chara says “早く俺に逢いに来いHayaku Oreni Aini Koi(Come and see me soon!)”

Ikemen appears from the Fusuma(Japanese traditional door)!

What is doing!?

Sooooo close!!
Ikemen is whispering to the girl!!

And 70-minutes wait.
What a great success!

Like this, we can have Ikemen experience in Game or Anime etc event in Japan!

At the CAPCOM booth.

BIOHAZARD7 Playstation VR 世界初体験Sekai Hatsu Taiken(We can play it for the first time in the world.)

Wow! Ikemen of CAPCOM!!
This is “囚われのパルマToraware no Palm“.

This game is a topic in the Japanese Otome game fans now.

BIOHAZARD × L’Arc~en~Ciel!!

L’Arc~en~Ciel is one of the most popular Ikemen Rock Band(sometimes called Visual kei) in Japan.

Ikemen transformed into a zombie!!

Their music often become theme song of Anime and Game.

Oh…I get enthusiastic too much again…
I want かき氷Kakigori one more…

Wow!!Ikemen Yakuza!! At SEGA booth.

Many Japanese Ikemen actors appear in this game “龍が如く6 Ryu ga Gotoku 6 (Yakuza)

Beat Takeshi(Takeshi Kitano)

Tatsuya Fujiwara

Shun Oguri

The last is SQUARE ENIX!!


This game is called “イケメンバーベキュー(Ikemen Barbecue)” in Japan(with affection)

The scene of Ikemen Barbecue.

At this booth, character’s mask is distributed!!

We can change Ikemen!!
It makes everyone happy!!!

By the way, FINAL FANTASY XV is collaborating with “Roen(Japanese fashion brand for Ikemen)

Noctis Military Blouson

Prompto Wappen Blouson

Oh… so Ikemen price…

Unfortunately, Japanese game industry has been shrinking these several years.
But Otome Games and other Ikemen games, seiyuu event, collaborating with a real character etc have strong attraction.
I hope these games become the chance for developmental future of Japanese game industry.
I believe in game school students growing success in the future!