[VideoGame] You wanna tattoo for gilrs ?

I will explain about this title in a roundabout manner.
There are few otaku which know a Japanese film maker Nikkatsu (日活).

Cinephile maniacs may be reminded of the Roman Porno Films in the 70s.
It’s the same thing as you imagine, so just romantic pornography.
We also called it Pink film as English speakers recognize it as Blue films.

Now let’s return to the main subject, Nikkatsu has started a video game maker, Sushi Typhoon Games, and announced a launch title.
Tattoo Nation aka Land Of Tattoo / 刺青の国(irezumi no kuni)

You select a girl as a companion character to conquer Tokyo City.

She is getting stronger by your adding tattoos on her back.

Who invented such a novel and bizarre system ?
Tattoo ! Battle ! Kawaii !
I’m afraid to be censored. This game is scheduled for release in 2016.

Japanese traditional tattoo culture (irezumi) with thousands years history has been suppressed by social pressure.
Because it tends to associate with the yakuza (transnational organized crime syndicates).
I don’t know exactly.
But nowadays, persons with tattoos are banned to enter public baths, swimming pools or fitness gyms.
My dear otaku friends, pay a little attention to this public manner that also applies to tourists.
Thank you.

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