[Topic] Pokemon GO biological research for tourism

Hi ! You always go out with Pokemon GO ?
This nice game will change our town to Kanto region !

Otaku must stay in front of the television monitor many hours to watch animes.
But Pokemon GO invite us to go for a walk.

Some cities in Japan have already found it a great opportunity for attracting tourists..

At first, The Sand Dune in Tottori (鳥取砂丘 Tottori sakyu).

It’s a famous tourism spot, but you never be reminded of the Sahara Desert.
Tiny sand mountain there.
Tottori Prefecture declared it a liberated area for Pokemon Go.
You can find more than 100 Poke Stops.
Governor of Tottori said, “the Sand Dune is large and quite safe to play”.

And Mino city in Gifu Prefecture announced a “biological research for Pokemon GO” on Saturday, August 20.
This old city got tourists 3 or 5 times many as usual.

Pokemon GO can vitalize a city.
Of course, Akihabara has many Poke Stops to welcome you !

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