[Report]Otaku activity in Sendai and Matsushima

I went on a trip to Sendai and Matsushima last month.
Sendai is a big city in Tohoku area.

I will report Sendai and Matsushima’s Otaku situation to you!

Arriving at Sendai station, this character welcomed me.

She is “青葉あさひAsahi Aoba” and is official character of subway in Sendai.

She is printed in the guide book’s cover.

This character is designed by “伊能津(Inoushin)” ,who is also an illustrator for Love Live! and Idolmaster.

In front of the station, there is a building “E-Beans“.

It seemed that a common shopping center.
But there are many Otaku shops!

Cosplay goods shop.

Chara pop up store(Diabolik Lovers More Blood)

Anime T-shit shop.
Many Umaru-Chan T-shirts are displayed.

PC shop Sofmap recommended Otaku Anime, Game, Goods too.

These are on the fist basement floor and the first floor.

Second floor, there are many Gashapon!

ハイキュー!!Haikyu!!” life size panels.

This Manga(Anime) is set in Sendai and Miyagi and Iwate.

Wake Up, Girls!” life size panel.

This Anime is set in Sendai too.

Fifth floor, “Thouzer(Hokuto no Ken:Fist of the North Star)” welcomed me!

He sais, “聖帝軍へようこそ!Seiteigun e Youkoso!(Welcome to the Seitei army!)

Shonen Jump corner.
Jump Manga has great popularity all over Japan.

This book store had a large Manga corner.
A great deal of autograph of Mangaka was displayed!

That’s great!

At the event hall, Illustrations of local vocational school students(Human Academy Sendai) are exhibited.

Probably they are around the age of 20, these illustrations have very high quality!
I was excited about them and Japanese Otaku future.

Animate and Animate cafe.
It’s one of the most familiar Otaku chain store throughout Japan.

Out of E-Beans, there is a shopping mall.

ハルチカHaruchika” × YAMAHA

Game chara market.
Mario, Kirby, Dragon Quest etc.

And there is a maid cafe”にゃんぽんたんNyan Pon Tan“.

Only around Senday station, I had many Otaku experience!
But Otaku experience was not the only these.
I had stayed in “Apa Hotel” and at the hotel room…

Oh! “まんがで学ぶアパホテルの成功哲学Manga de Manabu Apa Hotel no Seikoutetsugaku(Learn Apahotel’s success motivation by Manga)“!!

As Japanese are so familiar with Manga, many Manga business book have been published.

She is the president of Apa Hotel and says “五〇歳にしてやっと大学に入れたんやGojussai ni shite Yatto Daigaku ni Hairetanya(I entered University at 50 at last.)”

Next day, I went to Matsushima.
Arriving at Matsushima, handsome “伊達政宗Date Masamune” welcomed me.

Matsushima is called “日本三景Nihon Sankei(the three great views of Japan)

What a fantastic scenary this is!!

Wow! “Wake Up, Girls!”
My purpose of that day was sightseeing, I was caught completely flat-footed.

A pamphlet of “聖地巡礼Seichi Junrei” is distributed.

It seemed that this district was very sympathetic to Otaku activities.

At souvenir shop, many Haikyu!! goods are on sale.

Pikachu × Date Masamune.

伊達萌宗?Date Moemune?

It is an original character, I guess.
There are countless Original Moe characters all over Japan.
It is one of the pleasure of trip.

Sendai and Matsushima had so beautiful scenery, delicious seafood, relaxed atmosphere, and unexpectedly satisfying Otaku activity.
You can also visit the Star Festival (Tanabata) in Sendai !
Please pay a visit!

1 Chome-10-10 Chuo, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture 980-0021

Matsushima Miyagi District, Miyagi Prefecture 981-0213
〒981-0213 宮城県宮城郡 松島町松島

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