[Culture]Otaku collaboration in Japan

Manga, Anime, Video Game illustrations(Otaku illustrations) have constant sales promotion effect in Japan.
So many products are collaborating with Otaku illustrations.
This is Pocky collaborate with “USApyon”(Yo-Kai Watch), it’s also known as Mikado in European countries.

Pocky is one of the most popular snack in Japan.
This chara give a “Kawaii” impression to consumers(even not Otaku consumers) and increase their desire to buy.

ANGEL PIE is popular and famous snack too.
Now collaborating with “Hatsune Miku“.

Japanese ska music band DOMINO88 collaborated with Naoki Urasawa in 2003.

This CD album had had no relation with Urasawa but its vocalist loved so much his mangas, he tried to negotiated directly.

A TV program guide magazine collaborated with “Mr. Osomatsu“.
Mr. Osomatsu is now very popular anime in Japan especially for Otaku girls who likes voice actor,Yaoi and fujoshi.

A number of this magazine was sold with 6 varieties of cover for 6 regions.
Each chara has a specialty thing in each region.


This is a motorcycle magazine collaborated with “Bakuon!!” ,its anime series on air from April 2016.

Bakuon!! collaborated many companies and public offices related with motorcycle.
Honda, Suzuki, YAMAHA, Ducati, SHOEI, Arai, and even the Metropolitan Police and Tokyo Construction Bureau.





Bakuon!! is going to start April 2016.


Otaku illustrations and culture has become a part of Japanese life now.
You will be able to meet it all over Japan, quite amazingly frequently !

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