[Topic] Wordplay of character names in Kakushigoto

A new anime series Kakushigoto (かくしごと) got started on April 2020.

The original manga author Kōji Kumeta (久米田 康治) also draws Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei.

He is very good at parody and wordplay.

I’ll explain the wordplay of character names in Kakushigoto.

***Their names are written as family name + first name in Japanese style***


Gotou Kakushi (後藤 可久士)

I already explained it.

[Japanese language] かくしごとKakushigoto(drawing job, hiding thing)

His name means that his work is drawing and he hides something.

And he is a parody of the author Kumeta.

Kakushi drew a dirty comedy manga, and he is afraid that his daughter will notice it.

Actually Kumeta did Go!! Southern Ice Hockey Club (行け!!南国アイスホッケー部) and published this photo in the manga book.

And he has a daughter.

I don’t know whether he worries about something or not.


Gotou Hime (後藤 姫)

Hime (姫) means princess. Of course, she is the princess for Kakushi.

But himegoto (秘め事) means hidden thing. It’s the same as her father’s name kakushigoto (隠し事).

<Kakushi’s manga studio>

[Chief Assistant]

Shiji Aogu (志治 仰)

Shiji wo aogu (指示を仰ぐ) means Following an instruction.

He is obedient to Kakushi-sensei and waiting for his order.


Sumita Rasuna (墨田 羅砂)

Sumi tarasuna (墨 垂らすな) means Don’t drop the ink.

She is in charge of inking on the manuscript.

So she shouldn’t drop the ink.


Kakei Ami (筧 亜美)

Kakeami (カケアミ) means a technique of manga drawing.

It’s a cross-hatching pattern drawn by hand, but is rarely used today.

Drawn by Shou Kitagawa


Keshi Kakeru (芥子 駆)

His name has a double meaning.

He is in charge of putting an eraser on the manuscript.

Keshi gomu kakeru (消しゴムかける) means Using a gum.

And also, keshikakeru (けしかける) means Urging someone to do something.

He sometimes offend Kakushi with unnecessary words.



Tomaruin Satsuki (十丸院 五月)

Tomaruinsatsuki (止まる印刷機) means Stopping the printing machine.

Kakushi always is late for finishing his job, so he must ask the printer to wait.

[Chief editor]

Daiwa Rikirou (大和 力郎)

This is a technical term in the publish industry.

Daiwari kiru (台割 切る) means Directing the contents in magazine.

He is a responsible of magazine, so manages all of pages.

[Associate chief editor]

Uchiki Risa (内木 理佐)

Uchikiri (打ち切り) means Ceasing.

She is in charge of selecting manga.

If a serialized manga in the magazine is not popular, she can decide to end it.


[Hime’s teacher]

Rokujou Ichiko (六條 一子)

Her name has two numbers as Roku (6) and Ichi (1).

In the original manga, screentone #61 is pasted for her skin color.

If you don’t know it, take it easy.


Senda Naru (千田 奈留)

Sentaa naru (センター なる) means Want to become the center.

She wants to become an idol, especially to be the center position of the group.

[Cooking instructor]

Shiokoshi You (汐越 羊)

Shio Koshou (塩・胡椒) means Salt and Pepper.

[Flower shop worker]

Jouro Kumi (城路 久美)

Jouro (ジョウロ) means Water pot, and Kumi (汲み) means Drawing water.

[Hime’s classmates]

Toumi Hina (東御 ひな)

This name is a parody of Hitou Nami (日塔 奈美) of Zetsubou-Sensei.

Kobu Shirubia (古武 シルビア)

This name is a parody of Kobushi Abiru (小節 あびる) of Zetsubou-Sensei.

Kicchi Riko (橘地 莉子)

This name is a parody of Kitsu Chiri (木津 千里) of Zetsubou-Sensei.

<Kakushi’s friends>


Fujita Katsuhiro (不二多 勝日郎)

This is a real mangaka, Fujita Kazuhiro(藤田 和日郎), who is the author of Ushio and Tora.

Kumeta and Fujita were drawing on the same magazine.

[Clothing store manager]

Mario (マリオ)

The same character appeared in other Kumeta’s manga Katte ni Kaizou (かってに改蔵).



Nadila (ナディラ)

She is working for the Gotou family.

I don’t know about her.

But, it seems an anime series directed by Hideaki Anno.

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water ?

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