[Topic] Wanted an illustrator for a New African Hero

A Cameroonian-Japanese manga author René Hoshino (星野 ルネ) is looking for an illustrator for his project.

Official site




René Hoshino



Period : until 15 October 2019

Announcement of results: Middle of November 2019

Contribution : Illustrations of two main characters’ whole body, 8 pages of manga in color

Material: (original manga posted below)

 Title: READ (beta)

 Story: This is an age in which the God of Stars leads the human and protects them from demons, disasters, diseases and all evils. In return, human has been ruled by the God. Leon, whose father was chosen as the “Tengyo” as a representative of mankind, has a special ability. The boy challenges the battle of fate to find his lost father and protect his precious people.

The winner will be able to publish the manga.

With reward 100,000 yen (=930 USD), drawing tablet and app.

Protagonist: Leon
Heroine: Marité
(Voice of crying baby)
Yes, he is our baby.
Today is the anniversary of the God of lion. His name is Leon.
Leon, come on !
Are you taking a video well ?
Of course.
What do you draw, Leon ?
Is it an strich ?
No, this is dad, that is mom, this is the angel.
Mom, look ! It’s the Gardian !
He seems to work for the Archangel.
Darling, Leon is playing the role of the Archangel !
Dad, what’s that…
Leon, don’t enter here !
Dad, help me !!
You made Leon…
(A monkey is laughing)
It’s painful. Dad, help me…
No ! Carnie !
Don’t be too close to me when I get up !
It’s very surprising if you are family.
Clock ?
It’s too late !
Wake me up earlier, Carnie !
Lion :You’re selfish.

Let’s challenge it !!!

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