[Topic] Sarazanmai Character’s Name

The director Kunihiko Ikuhara (幾原 邦彦) likes word plays and puts it in the anime.

At first, Sarazanmai (さらざんまい) is 皿(sara) + 三昧 (zanmai or sanmai).

皿(sara) is literally dish.

三昧 (zanmai) generally means to devote oneself to something. Originally it comes from a Buddhism word Samadhi. Plz read this link if you are interested in Buddhism.

Sarazanmai’s protagonists are three boys.

Kazuki Yasaka (矢逆 一稀)

Toi Kuji (久慈 悠)

Enta Jinnouchi (陣内 燕太)

These family names are a parody of a samurai drama Sanbiki ga Kiru! (三匹が斬る!, Three for the Kill!)

Ikuhara said he likes it on radio.

It doesn’t matter, but their given names have something.

*Toi Kuji (久慈 悠)

He has an older brother named Chikai (誓).

Toi and Chikai mean Far and Near. Ikuhara likes such a word play.

But written in kanji as 悠 and 誓 = Eternal and Oath.

He was just a bad guy in the street and died, but he loved Toi.

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*Enta Jinnouchi (陣内 燕太)

I must introduce a novel “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde.

The Happy Prince statue asks a swallow to strip off his golden skin to give to the poor. As the winter comes, the angel finds them dead and ****no spoiler****.

In the episode 1, Keppi was a golden statue. And Enta is written as 燕太 that means swallow. He is not a jealous boy, ok ?

*Kazuki Yasaka (矢逆 一稀)

Kazuki(一稀) means one / rare (or precious). And they are collecting the Dishes of Hope (希望の皿). Both of 希 and 望 mean hope. Kazuki has hope in his name (稀,希). So he must find a precious rare hope in the last sequence.

(I’m writing this topic at airing EP09)

In addition, Sara Azuma (吾妻 サラ)

Azuma (吾妻) is a name of the bridge that you’ve seen often in the anime. It means east. At the same time, these kanji letters mean “my wife”. Sorry, it’s too hard to explain.

And Sara (サラ) isn’t written in kanji, but it definitely mean dish (皿). So she says always dish !

I can imagine more kanji. 更(sara) means new, 沙羅(sara) is a name of a tree. Buddha was lying between a pair of these trees when he died, then it’s a symbol of Nirvana.

Wow, she is a messenger of Buddha !? 

We must watch all episodes, dishu !

P.s. I have no idea on Keppi. He is Keppi, that’s all.

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