[News] Rumiko Takahashi launches a new manga “MAO”

Rumiko Takahashi (高橋 留美子) has been creating great works;

1978–1987 Urusei Yatsura (うる星やつら)

1980–1987 Maison Ikkoku (めぞん一刻)

1987–1996 Ranma 1/2  (らんま1/2)

1996–2008 Inuyasha (犬夜叉)

2009–2017 Rin-ne (境界のRINNE)

Now she launches a new series manga MAO on a magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday on 08 May 2019.


Nanoka (菜花) is a girl whose parents were killed in an accident.
“I have been dead once”
“It’s a child !”
“She is bleeding !”
“Stop breathing !”
After 8 years
At the place where two worlds meet,
“What’s that ?”
She meets a boy,
“Help me !”
And she is engulfed in a fierce fate.

His name is Mao.

“She seems to be ayakashi (=phantom)…?”


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