[Japanese language] Lesson4 Let’s read Japanese sentences!

I have explained about Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, until now.

[Japanese language] Lesson1 Hiragana
[Japanese language] Lesson2 Katakana
[Japanese language] Lesson3 Kanji1

They are the basis of Japanese language.

Trying is the best teacher. Let’s read Japanese sentences with them!

I think reading Japanese wikipedia about your favorite anime or manga is good!
Because when you can’t understand well some Japanese word itself, you can expect the meanings.

For example, I’ll read wikipedia of Suzumiya Haruhi series.

Oh…many Japanese… it looks difficult…

Let’s click here! 登場人物(Toujoujinbutsu)means characters.

These are characters!

Blue lines are character name(some of them are Kanji).
Red lines are “Furigana”. Furigana means reading in Hiragana or Katakana.
Even Japanese people, Kanji is often difficult and can’t read.
So furigana is very often used!

Also you can know furigana with this.

Let’s read each character name by furigana and these list!



Were you able to read their name?

I think you could read them.

キョン Kyon

涼宮 ハルヒ(すずみや ハルヒ) Suzumiya Haruhi

長門 有希(ながと ゆき) Nagato Yuki

朝比奈 みくる(あさひな みくる) Asahina Mikuru

古泉 一樹(こいずみ いつき) Koizumi Itsuki

朝倉 涼子(あさくら りょうこ) Asakura Ryouko

How about this name? Were you able to read and understand?

鶴屋さん(つるやさん) Tsuruyasan

This is Tsuruyasan

Maybe in anime, she is called “Tsuruya-san”
San means a kind of honorific title to name.
I made a topic before.
[Japanese Language] Honorific titles- Kun/Chan/ San(くん/ちゃん/さん)

And how about this?

キョンの妹(キョンのいもうと) Kyonnoimouto

Kyonnoimouto? We don’t know this name in Suzumiya Haruhi anime.

This name can devide three parts. Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji.

キョン Kyon(Katakana)
の no(Hiragana)
妹 imouto(Kanji)

“Kyon” is, as you know, main character.
“No” means “of” or “‘s” .
“Imouto” means younger sister.

Kyonnoimouto means “Kyon’s sister” or “Sister of Kyon”!
In Japan, both “of” and “‘s” are の(no).
But “of” and “の” become reversed word order in Japanese.

Almost all of their name have not normal readings.
So you don’t need to remember them.(涼宮 can’t read Suzumiya even Japanese people)
All you need to do is remembering 妹imouto(sister). It’s very frequent Kanji.

Let’s read character setting of Suzumiya Haruhi!


At first, it is good to delete hiragana!

Reading only Kanji and Katakana is good.
Because in many cases Kanji and Katakana are one word but Hiragana isn’t one word. Like this.

Hiragana mean “of” and “and” in this sentence.
Reading except Hiragana is easy to read and easy to understand at first. Like this.

ヒロイン。キョン 同級生 SOS団 団長。

Let’s check every meanings and readings with dictionary, translate applications etc.


Suzumiya Haruhi is heroine, kyon classmate, SOS group head.
It is not complete, but you can understand!

Maybe you noticed 団 and 団長 are using the same Kanji.
団 and 団長 are like this.
Kanji is often used as combinated word.

Like this, we can learn many things from translating sentence even only Kanji and Katakana!


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