[Japanese language] Lesson3 Kanji1

What does this look like to you?

Fork? Airplane? Palm?

This is Kanji “山(Yama)”
Yama means mountain!

Like this!

What does this look like to you?

Standing human? Face of pug-dog?

This is Kanji “木(Ki)”
Ki means tree!

Like this!

Let’s think what this is!

Three 木…three trees…

The answer is forest! Kanji 森(Mori)!

Like this!

This is Kanji! It’s funny!

Kanji have pronunciation and meaning unlike other words.
Hiragana あ(a) is only pronunciation.
English Z is also only pronunciation.
Kanji 神, pronunciation is Kami, meaning is God.

Let’s see more Kanji!

Can you imagine meaning of this Kanji?

Do you remember Kanji 木?
Yes, Ki, tree.

This Kanji is 木 and 几.
What is 几???
What does this look like to you???

Line graph? Fret saw?

This is a stand or rack for put something!

Let’s imagine… 木(Ki, Tree) + 几(stand or rack for put something)…

Tree, stand, rack …



机(Tshukue) means table!

Table or desk are made of tree(wood).

Like this.

Both table and desk are 机Tsukue in Japan.

Similarly, both tree and wood are 木Ki in Japan.

It is said there are over fifty thousand Kanji and normally we use about three thousand of them.
We study Kanji from primary school to high school(12years!) with Kanji workbook. It is called “Kanji drill”.

We memory them by reading and writing over and over again.
木Ki 木Ki 木Ki 木Ki 木Ki 木Ki 木Ki 木Ki 木Ki 木Ki 木Ki 木Ki…
Like this.

It is so boring!
So there are many manga character Kanji drill.



Keroro Gunsou

Let’s write and read over and over again until your hands got sooty!
We used to be the same as you!

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