[Japanese language] Lesson2 Katakana

You’ve already learned [Japanese language] Lesson1 Hiragana ?

Today’s lesson is Katakana!

Do you remember the name of this site?
Yes, “Otaku calendar japan”
In Japanese, this is read “Otaku karendaa jyapan”.
This is called Japanese-English.

Why!? Not Otakucalendarjapan but Otakukarendaajyapan!?

As you already know Japanese people are not good at English because we don’t have opportunities to speak to English speakers.
Of course, we learn English at school.
But it is mainly only grammar so many of us don’t know correct pronunciation of English.

Katakana is a word which express except Japanese words. English, French, Spanish, Korean, Thai etc…
This is Katakana. Pronunciation of Katakana is just the same as Hiragana.

Experience is the best teacher, let’s see example!


Were you able to read?

“Zo n bi ra n do sa ga”

Zonbi rando saga…

Zombie Land Saga!


Zombie Land Saga is read as Zonbi rando saga in Japanese-English.

You can check pronunciation of ゾンビランドサガ(Zonbi rando saga) in Japanese-English from 1:23!

Let’s see next!


Were you able to read?

“Ra bu ra i bu! Sa n sha i n!”

Raburaibu! Sanshain!…

Lovelive! Sunshine!


Sunshine is Sanshain in Katakana!

Were you able to kind of get it?

You can check pronunciation of ラブライブ!サンシャイン!(Raburaibu! Sanshain!) in Japanese-English from 1:20!

Next anime!


This title is Hiragana and Katakana.

けもの is Hiragana, フレンズ is Katakana.

Do you remember Hiragana?

Let’s read “けものフレンズ” !


ke mo no…


fu re n zu…


Ke mo no fu re n zu…

Kemono frenzu…

Kemono Friends!


Friends is Furenzu in Japan.

Let’s check pronunciation of けものフレンズ(Kemono frenzu) from 0:25!

Almost all Katakana is English words.
So getting feeling of Japanese-English pronunciation, you can know translation of Katakana only read it.

Let’s read next word!


Do you remember “ー” ?

ー means extending like this.

Were you able to read “ソードアート・オンライン” ?
If understanding “ー” is difficult, reading without “ー” once is good. (After that add “ー”)

Soodo Aato Onrain!

Yes, Sword Art Online is Soodo aato onrain in Japan!
This title is very useful for getting feeling of “ー”

Sword = Soodo(ソード)
Art = Aato(アート)

Let’s check from 0:25

Let’s see next!


ツ is つ in Hiragana.
This is small “ッ”.
Do you remember it?
Pronunciation of small “ッ(っ)” is like jumping or hopping like this.

Following this, let’s read ハッピーシュガーライフ !
It is a little long, dividing into three parts is good.

ハッピー  シュガー  ライフ

Ha ppi i  shu ga a  ra i fu

Happii Shugaa Raifu!

Happy Sugar Life!

Very good!

In Japan, there are so many English title in Katakana.
So reading them are good Katakana practice!

Let’s check and say ハッピーシュガーライフ(Happii shugaa raifu) from 0:49!

Let’s read these five examples! I’ll show their reading all together later.






Were you able to read?

“Akuseru waarudo”(Accel World)
“Meido in abisu”(Made in abyss)
“Haisukoa gaaru”(High score girl)
“Daarin in za furankisu”(Darling in the Franxx)

Let’s compare English and Japanese-English.

アクセル・ワールド(Akuseru woorudo) from 1:09

メイド・イン・アビス(Meido in abisu) from 0:03

Especially you can find Berserk and Beruseruku are quite different! (from 1:32)

Some Japanese-English have completely different pronunciation.
For example, “coffee” is “Koohii(コーヒー)”, “beer” is “biiru(ビール)”, “Led Zeppelin” is “Reddo Tsuepperin(レッド・ツェッペリン)”, “McDonald’s” is “Makudonarudo(マクドナルド)”.

So hard to understand!
I would be grateful if you would feel Japanese people are just very unique and fun…

This is the movie about Japanese-English.

Let’s see the last anime this time!

“Card Fight!! ヴァンガード”

Were you able to read?

I think you don’t know ヴ and small “ァ”.

ヴ means “V”.

How to read “ヴ” and small “ァ” is like this.

Let’s check from 0:23!

Japanese people think ヴ is cool.
So we can often see ヴ in anime titles!




ヴァルヴレイヴ has three ヴ! It’s so so cool title!!!(in Japan)

How was Katakana lesson?
Next is Kanji. It is very fun! Don’t miss it!


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