[News] Skeb a new service for commission drawing

New web service Skeb launches on 30 November 2018 !
Skeb is an otaku slang meaning “sketchbook”.
Otaku comminicate each other by drawing someting on sketchbook.
So Akeb enable us to request to illustrators and mangaka without language barrier.
They installed an automatic translation system and credit card payment.
This is the place to connect with creators !





Skeb official twitter



Skeb founder twitter





Of course, illustrators who live outside of Japan can make an account of creator.



“Japanese bank account is needed.”


That’s too bad.
Money transfer system to send from Japan to other countries is strictly regulated.


Well, many creators in Japan have been registering now.
I’ve found Robinson Haruhara (author of Senyu).



Go to Skeb and enjoy it !!!


Update 02 dec 2019


After 16 hours since Skeb started, 1,780 creators have registered. Average commission fee is 16,212 Yen (=142 USD) and the maximum is 200,000 Yen (=1,762 USD).


You estimated the fee too high ?


And newly finished works displayed on Skeb home page with a request message.


Robinson Haruhara (春原ロビンソン)


“Plz draw my portrait without information”



Yusako (ゆさこ)

“Your fav actor!”



“Japanese girl (Японские девушки)”



こるり (Koruri)

“The character of my twitter icon goes to Pokemon hunt.”



Your simple request turns to be a cute illustration !

Contact your fav illustrator !


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