[News] Netflix revealed 5 Animes Pacific Rim, Altered Carbon, Cagaster,etc

Netflix revealed five new anime titles at the event of “See What’s Next:Asia”.


Pacific Rim

It’s based on the two live-action movies. A teenage boy and his younger sister are forced to be a pilot of Yeager.

Co-showrunners are Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson.


Altered Carbon

The live-action sci-fi series on Netflix is adapted to an anime series.

It’s produced by studio Anima and is written by Dai Sato (佐藤 大, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex ) and Tsukasa Kondo(近藤 司).


Cagaster of an Insect Cage (虫籠のカガステル, Mushikago no Kagaster)

A mysterious disease “Cagaster” turns people into giant insects in a post-apocalyptic world.Hashimoto Kacho (橋本 花鳥)’s manga series gets an anime by studio Gonzo (Basilisk, Gantz, Hellsing) with director Koichi Chigira (千明 孝一, Last Exile, Full Metal Panic!).



A retired samurai Yasuke must protect a boy in a war-torn Japan of mechs and magic, which is from studio MAPPA (Hajime no Ippo: Rising, Ushio and Tora, Yuri on Ice).

Yasuke is based on the historical samurai of African origin and is voiced by Lakeith Stanfield. Creator/Director/Executive Producer is LeSean Thomas.



It’s based on a graphic novel published in Philippine. Executive Producer is Jay Oliva and producers are Shanty Harmayn and Tanya Yuson at BASE Entertainment which is a studio based in Jakarta and Singapore.


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