[Photo] I went to Hokkaido!

I went to Hokkaido in last month!

Do you know Hokkaido? It is the northern part of Japan.

Moreover I went to Shiretoko and Notsuke, the eastern part of Hokkaido.
It is just the ends of Japan!

What is there in the ends of Japan?
I arrived Memanbetsu airport in Hokkaido. It is very small.

Yuzuki Yukari welcomed me!!

And snow miku!!

Japan is really otaku country even though it is the ends!

Hokkaido is full of nature so we can see wild deer everywhere!

And we can also eat deer dishes…oh…

At public restrooms, I found cute animal board about how to use!

Hokkaido have many beautiful lakes.

Kussharo lake

Mashuu lake

This is Iou san, sulphur spring mountain!

We can eat Onsen tamago(soft boiled egg by hot spring) here!

The way of eating is a little difficult.

Wrap the duct tape around egg and hit!

After there I went to Ainu village.

Ainu is original people of Hokkaido.

It is famous for anime Golden kamuy now.

I could see their panel at Ainu village.

There are many message “I know Ainu because of Golden Kamuy” with illustration!

I ate Ainu green onion ramen! It’s so delicious!

Ainu gree onion is called “Gyoujya ninniku”. It is very unique and often used in Golden Kamuy too.
Ninniku means garlic in Japanese word.

Not only Golden Kamuy, there are many Ainu caracters in Japan.

Nakoruru & Rimururu(Samurai spirits)

Horohoro & Pirika(Shaman king)

After Ainu village, I went to more eastern part of Hokkaido.

This is Notsuke peninsula!

These dead trees are called “Todowara” or “Narawara”.

There were woods there in ancient times.
But encroachment by seawater, they have been dying. It is said they will be completely destroyed in the near future.
It means this scenery is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

In the end, I went to Shiretoko.

This is Just the ends of Japan!
And it is a World Heritage Site, have pristine nature.

It’s prohibited to go to the end of Shiretoko we can only see from sea by ferry.
I’ll go of cource!

It’s so cold and heavy rain, I’m fully-equipped!

End of Shiretoko have many brown bear.

It’s raining…so cold…

After rain, I could see so beautiful scenery in many place!
There are no people, I can hear just only nature sound.

And Golden kamuy snacks for souvenir.

Hokkaido have many good seafoods!!

Crab and shrimp ramen.

Whelk and egg of octopus!

I had a great time in Hokkaido.
You should come too!

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