[Topic] Conan O’Brien claimed Detective Conan – Updated

The US comedian Conan O’Brien found “another Conan” in Japan on August 2018.

Of course, it’s Detective Conan.


Japanese people love Conan-kun, so its author Gosho Aoyama’s home town has the nickname of Conan Town.


“The Town where you can meet Conan”


Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory



But O’Brien claimed that Conan-kun has been ripping him off since 1994.

“Send a check for 3,000,000,000 Yen to this bank account.”


Conan Town couldn’t overlook this violent opinion.

To: Conan O’BrienFrom: Hokuei Town (“Conan Town”) in JapanThank you for introducing Hokuei to the world.Here is a…

北栄町さんの投稿 2018年8月23日木曜日



Wow, Conan Town invited him !


O’Brien responded.

If they want him to come there;


“Change the hair style of the statue like me !”


Mayor of Hokuei (Conan Town) posted a video.


Message to Conan O'Brien

Hello from Hokuei Town, a.k.a. “Conan Town”, in Japan. I am Mayor Matsumoto.Conan O'Brien, in Japan we do not have a Key to the City. We have this! With this you can make all your demands come true. If you come, I will give you this!However… I have a few modest demands too! 1. FIRST: I want my face next to President Lincoln on Mount Rushmore.2. SECOND: I want my own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.3. FINALLY: I want you to bring fifteen-thousand American Hamburgers with you when you come. (That’s one for each citizen of Conan Town.) Be here or be square.(日本語訳) こんにちは。私はあなたがコナンタウンと言っている北栄町の町長の松本です。 コナン・オブライエンさん、日本では町の鍵というものはありません。町長の証はこれです。 これがあればあなたの求めるものは全て手に入ります。 もしあなたがここに来れば、これを差し上げましょう。 ただし、いくつか条件があります。 初めに、ラッシュモア山のリンカーン大統領の横にわたしの顔を作ってください。 次に、ハリウッド・ウォーク・オブ・フェームにわたしの星も作ってください。 最後に、あなたが来る時に15,000個のハンバーガーを持って来てください。北栄町民全員に配ります。お待ちしております。

北栄町さんの投稿 2018年8月24日金曜日


“I have a few modest demands too! I want my face next to President Lincoln on Mount Rushmore.”

“Be here or be square !”


O’Brien replied.


“Next week, I’m flying to Japan to collect my money ! I’ll be square !”


Who is real Conan !


Here is the place of judgement !



The US Ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty bacomes a mediator ?



Wow, finally Conan O’Brien has arrived in Japan !


He is still in Tokyo 3rd September.

Unfortunately, typhoon is coming up .

He enjoys Tokyo.

After few days,


Finally, he has arrived at Conan Town.


Mayor of Conan Town gave him 3,000,000,000,000 Yen and nominated him a Honorary Mayor.







He cooked 1,000 beef burgers for the townspeople.





See you, Conan-san !



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