[Japanese culture] Yakubarai(厄払い)

I have been to the shrine to yesterday for Yakubarai !
Do you know Yakubarai?
It is Japanese traditional ceremony to exorcize evil spirits.

Yaku means evil or bad, barai means exorcise

There is Yakudoshi(unlucky years) in Japan.

This is the list of Yakudoshi!!

I was born in 1977 and am 41 years old, and my wife was born in 1987 and is 31 years old in this year.
So I’m critical age(honyaku) and my wife is the year before a critical age(maeyaku) !!
(This list shows Japanese old age”Kazoedoshi” so added one age.)

We have been under the weather in recent years.
It must because of Yakudoshi! So we went to the shrine.

So good place! I like shrines.

Photography were prohibited inside this shrine.
Yakubarai is like this!

We washed our hands, got purified by a Shinto priest and had sacred wine.

And we got an amulet!

We put it on the bathroom door!

We are sure to get good luck!!

Let’s review the list of Yakudoshi, if so, let’s go Yakubarai!

Good luck!

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