[Topic] Ghibli Park Open in 2022 ! [Concept arts]

Studio Ghibli and Aichi Prefecture have agreed to open Ghibli Park in the site of the 2005 World Exposition on 2022 !


The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness by Hayao Miyazaki will be realized !

Concept arts revealed !



Main Gate is designed with images of …

Antique shop in Whisper of the Heart !



Ghibli’s Warehouse !

Ghibli’s Warehouse Map


Princess Mononoke Area



Witch Area is designed with images of

Kiki’s house in Kiki’s Delivery Service,


And Howl’s Moving Castle !


Satsuki and Mai’s house in My Neighbor Totoro has been built !


Almost the same !


Wait for 2022 !!!



Nagakute city, Aich Prefecture



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