[Topic] Cup Noodle’s Gijinka (humanization) to Cool Guys

You can find a brand of instant ramen Cup Noodles all over the world.

They have started a promotional campaign for Ethnic Noodles – Club Es !

Official site (with voice)



Here is a host club, which is a night-time entertainment bar for women in Japan.


3 cool guys welcome you !


Host No.1

Flavor: Thailand Tom yum kung

Charisma of Coriander


Voiced by Junichi Suwabe


Host No.2

Flavor: Singapore Laksa

Prince of Spice


Voiced by  Natsuki Hanae


Host No.3

Flavor: Black pepper crub

Stimulating new face


Voiced by Toshiki Masuda


Illustrated by Suzuka Oda(小田 すずか)


It will be animated ???


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