[Okotta?] Otaku Boxer won with a Pop Team Epic Mask [Okotte naiyo]

Boxing is a tough sport.

But it can go together with Otaku life.

Now we introduce, Koki Inoue (井上 浩樹).



He is a cousin of the World Champion Naoya Inoue (井上 尚弥) and the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation Champion Takuma Inoue (井上 拓真).

Their father Shingo(真吾) is a trainer of three Inoue boxers.


Koki Inoue’s profile;

Born: 11 May 1992 (age25)

Zama City, Kanagawa

Height: 178cm (5ft10)

Weight: Super lightweight class

(61.235-63.503kg=135-140 pounds)

Amateur career: 112 wins (60 KOs and RSCs) -18 losses

Twitter: https://twitter.com/krmr_511


After collected 5 amateur titles, Koki turned professional in 2015.

He has been training very hard with wearing an anime T shirt !

(Pictures from his tweeter)



Sometimes he draws an illustration.


Another day, he goes to a Love Live μ’s Concert.


On 26 March 2018, he had a match against Wachirasak Waiyawong (Thailand).

With the theme music of Pop Team Epic, he is entering the ring with wearing a mask of Popuko !



Amazing ! We’ve never seen such a cool fighter !


This T-shirt is a special collaboration item with Magical girl lyrical Nanoha for selling at only Comiket last summer. He must have been there.


Finally, the match begins !

Koki is rushing !



He won by knock out at 2nd round 01:04 !!!

And he has recorded 11 wins (10 KOs) 0 loss.

Perfect !

After winning, he is speaking in an interview (with a Popuko mask).


“I hope to have a match against the Japan’s Champion in this year. I want to do something different and to become an entertainer”


Yes, he will make it !


After tweeted this match, many followers asked me;

Did he say “Okotta?”


It’s a Pop Team Epic’s impressive skit.

“Ei! Ei! Okotta?” (=You got angry?)

It’s what all otaku want to know.


I don’t know it, of course I hope so.


At midnight, someone replied me.



Wow!! Koki Inoue-san is coming !

And he replied to the most important question;




“Okotte naiyo” (= I don’t get angry)


What a miracle !!!


He keeps his sense of humor after finishing a tough battle.

Speedy boxer and humorous otaku are living inside of his soul.

This is Hero !!!

Otaku all over the World, take notice of his name !

Koki Inoue will shake the world !

“I was thinking about Koki”


Special thanks to 1UP 情報局 (1UP News)



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