[Topic] John Boyega’s Otaku life in Tokyo !!

A not famous young actor got an important role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

You know, John Boyega as Finn.


And do you know he is a good otaku ?

On the last week of March 2019, he came to Japan to do a promotion for Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Boyega “I’m sorry to have destroyed your city.”



After this event, he goes to Akihabara.

He posted these pictures on Instagram with his comment;

“I’m in heaven ! Surely !

Here is Akihabara !


In front of the Gundam Statue in odaiba,


At the showcase of Gundam plastic models (Gunpla) !


He has just bought HG Neo Zeong !

This is a model of Neo Zeong from Gundam UC !

860mm (34inches) height, 27,000 Yen (257 USD).

Pictures in anime.


He bought a good one, but it’s composed with more than 500 parts to build.

If it’s too tough, call me.


Before this promotion, he visited Japan for the Star Wars Japan Premiere;

[Video] “Konnichiwa (=hello), I wanna be Hokage”


Yes, you will ! You made a good decision to run away from the base of Stormtroopers.

Unfortunately, Japan’s translator didn’t know Naruto. He had to explain what is Hokage. It’s very sorry.


We understood he likes Naruto.


And more, he sent us a sincere advice in a film Attack the Block (2011).

[Video] “Go home, lock your door. Do your homework. Watch Naruto”


OK, we are going to watch Nauto, after finishing Pacific Rim: Uprising.


Now he is climbing stairs to be the Star, this site will support him !


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