[Report] Washinomiya Shrine

Japanese Otaku sometimes enjoy “Seichi Junrei(聖地巡礼)”.
In English, “Seichi Junrei” means pilgrimage to the Holy place.
In Otaku word, it doesn’t mean religious action but visiting the location of scenes in Anime, Manga, Video Game, and so on.

In 2007, “Lucky Star” took place in Washinomiya Shrine(鷲宮神社), Seichi Junrei started generally.
Lucky Star (C)Kagami Yoshimizu/Lucky Paradise


Entrance to Washinomiya Shrine  

Episode 3

Inside of Torii(a symbol of shrine).

Episode 12

Shrine precinct

Episode 12

How to use Temizu(Chozu)(purifying hands before worship).

Episode 9

Miyamaebashi bridge

Not only visiting the location of scenes, but also looking for the relevant things are interesting.

This is Ita Ema(Ema with Anime chara illustrations).
Ema is the sacred plate given to the Shrine with our wishs. But Otaku started to draw his favorit anime charas to dedicate.
This culture is originated from here and Lucky Star 2007.

Kagami Yoshimizu’s Ita Ema! (original author of Lucky Star)

Lucky Star’s big Ema.
This was made by Washinomiya Shrine.
In Washinomiya, the whole town is very friendly to Seichi Junrei and Lucky Star.

This town looks a common old street at a first glance.

Looked up, a street lamp is dressed with Lucky Star’s flag.

This store displays many Lucky Star goods.

School uniform shop

Lucky Star sauce(Tsundare sauce) were on sale.

Festival in Washinomiya collaborated with Lucky Star.
“Let’s enjoy with us this year too!”

Cafe “多幸焼 Tacoyaki

Too many Lucky Star goods were displayed.

Comicks and magazines(visitor can read freely).

Cushion and mini poster.

Lucky Star sauce and Ramen(Chinese noodle) were on sale.

Emiri Kato’s autograph.
She acted Kagami Hiiragi.

Many illustration and chara goods were displayed.

This is a communication notebook.
Visitors can write or draw anything.

It seems that there were visitors from English speaking countries.

It is said that Washinomiya Shrine has a tradition of over 2000 years and the town of Washinomiya is very quiet and puts
you at ease.
You can see and feel Japaneseness.

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