[Japanese language] Character name of My Hero Academia

Sometimes manga or anime characters are named by wordplay.

[Japanese language] だじゃれDajare(Pun, Play on words)” name of Pokémon

I found them in My Hero Academia so I’ll introduce some of them!

[Ochako Uraraka]

She is very cheerful girl.
“Uraraka” means “fine day” in Japanese.

This name so suits her!

[Denki Kaminari]

He has electric quirk.
“Denki” means electric and “Kaminari” means tunder in Japanese!

By the way, His name is 上鳴(Kaminari) 電気(Denki) in kanji.
But 上鳴(Kaminari) is just phonetic equivalent.
雷(Kaminari) is thunder.

I think 上鳴電気 is more cool kanji than 雷電気!

[Tsuyu Asui]

Tsuyu-chan is like a frog!
“Tsuyu” means Japanese rainy season(June).

In this season, we can see many frogs in Japan!

All Japanese people associate Tsuyu with frog!

[Tenya Iida]

He runs very very fast!

“Tanya Iida” is “Iida Tenya” in Japan.

Thare is a kind of god “韋駄天Idaten” in Japan.

Idaten has a legend as fast runner and often used as symbol of a person who can run fast!

[Momo Yaoyorozu]

“八百万Yoyorozu” is a Japanese old word and means “eight million” = “countless things” = “everything”.

She has ability to create anything(without living thing)!

In ancient Japan, all things in nature have each god. It is caled yaoyorozu no kami (eight million deities).

[Izuku Midoriya]

He is the main character and his name is just the theme of My Hero Academia!

“Izuku” is “出久” in kanji, and kanji have some reading.
出(izu) 久(ku) can read 出(de) 久(ku). “Deku” is his nickname by Katsuki Bakugo.

Tnere is a word “Deku no bou” in Japan, it means “wooden doll” and “good-for-nothing”.

Izuku had no ability, just a Deku no bou…
But now by his efforts, he have learned All Might’s quirk One For All!

My Hero Academia is a manga and anime from manga magazine “Shonen Jump”.
Shonen Jump has three theme “Friendship and Efforts and Victory” by tradition.
All Japanese boy like shonen jump and have learned these three(me too!)!

Let’s effort and learn One For All!

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