[Tourism] You can meet Takagi-san in Takagi Shrine

A lovely anime series Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san(からかい上手の高木さん) is now on air !

Everybody wants to be teased by Takagi-san !

We know her name, Takagi-san (Miss Takagi).

Taka gi ( 高 木) means high tree or tall tree. It’s very common family name.


Coincidentally, there is a shrine with the same name.

You can find Takagi jinja (shrine) in Tokyo.

This name comes from the name of god Takamusubinokami (高皇産靈神).

It is also called Takagi, because tall tree was deified in an ancient time.c

Now, Takagi shrine has a collaboration event with Takagi-san !

Yeah, Japanese shrines are very pop !

Yuiko Ohara (大原ゆい子, singer for OP)

Rie Takahashi (高橋李依, seiyu for Takagi-san)


Hiroaki Akagi (赤城博昭, director)


Takagi-san’s life-sized panel


Amulet with a picture of Takagi-san


And other items


This shrine is located in the center of Tokyo.

You can visit easily and can see Tokyo Skytree !


Go there !






2-37-9 Oshiage Sumida Tokyo 131-0045

〒131-0045 東京都墨田区押上2-37-9


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