[Goods] Shokugan

In japan, there are convenience stores(コンビニ,conbini) everywhere.
Lawson, 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, and so on.
Usually, “Shokugan” is sold there.
“Shokugan(食玩)”is a small toy sold with snack.
“shoku 食” means food, “gan 玩(shortened form of gangu “玩具”)” means toy.

I bought a full bag of shokugan.

These are shokugan!
All of these cases are printed with images of mangas, animes, video games chara.

Let’s open the case of “Love Live!
It contains small chara figure of Honoka Kosaka and chewing gum.

This is very small(4 centimeters = 1.5 inches), but has very delicate details.

Nozomi Tojo(“Love Live!”)

This is small chara figure of Megurine Luka in the shape of raccoon dog(たぬき, tanuki).
This figure has a strap, you can decorate your bag, pouch, other various things.

Another one has a strap too.
Atra Mixta(“Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans”)

Touken ranbu (刀剣乱舞)” It contains stickers and “Touken 刀剣(Japanese sword)”-shaped box of assorted chocolates.

Tsurumarukuninaga and Ookurikara

Hair tie with two tiny decorations – a larger one is “Kamon 家紋(Japanese family crest)” and a smaller one is
Ema 絵馬(Japanese votive horse tablet)”.

Vegeta and Kuririn.

Yo-Kai Watch” stickers.

Items are enclosed randomly, you must buy one and open it to meet your favorite.
So it is fun like a lottery.

These are all of Shokugan that I bought today.
I paid only 4098 yen in spite of so many goods.
(2 to 5 US Dollars each)

In Japan, you can get otaku goods not only at Akihabara, but on every street !
Let’s enjoy otaku life freely.

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