[Report] Exhibition of 3×3 Eyes by Yuzo Takada

I went to exhibition of 3x3EYES! (Sazan Eyes, サザンアイズ)


It is the most popular work of Yuzo Takada (高田 裕三).
Takada sensei(=Master) has been working as mangaka since 1983! Very experienced mangaka.

Sensei’s message “30 years have passed since I had started drawing 3x3EYES. No one expected this situation 30 years ago. I totally owe it to you, thanks to you !”
As he is a famous person, sensei has very modesty !

There are many illustrations in the hall.

This is the illustration for cover art of volume 1! I was an elementary school student at that time. So nostalgic!

His illustrations have the characteristic of processing charm and beauty.

And those are drawn by watercolors.
Handwritten works have a special atmosphere!

I like this one below the most.
It was in volume 6 and I was a junior high school student.
It was my first otaku manga!

These are recent works.

The newest illustration for this exhibition!


120.000Yen!? (=1,100 US Dollar)
But I think it is not expensive!

Of course, there are also manga manuscripts.

So detailed works!!

Sensei’s manga tools.
Many masterpieces have been created by these!

Neemu!(rough sketch)

Special feature of this exhibition is live drawing!

To be more accurate, sensei is working at this hall today!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Takada Sensei!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is so so exciting experience!!
Author of manga that I have loved since childhood is in front of me!!

And we can talk with him freely.

Question: How many hours do you work a day?
Sensei: Hmm…about 10 hours. My right hand is holding a pen, left hand is holding onigiri (rice ball)  lol

Question: Do you work all night sometimes?
Sensei: Oh, no haha. All night work makes my brain tired and prevents good work!

Chinese fan: I’m from China and have read sensei’s manga since childhood! These are special manga for me!
Sensei: I’m so happy!(with tears in his eyes)

A large person: I run a gay bar. A gay character appears in 3x3EYES and I like this character. Do you like to go to a gay bar?
Sensei: Oh, I haven’t been there.
A large person: Then, please come to my bar! lol
Sensei: That’s good!
The audience and sensei burst into laughter.

Great manga sensei is also great as a person!
He is so friendly and bright, and hall is always full of friendly atmosphere.

And I took a photo with sensei!! Exciting!!

Oh…I have a serious look on my face…
Because I want to become mangaka, so he is god for me!

I told him with shaking hands “I have brought my manga to the same magazine as you draw! (Weekly Young Magazine)  So you are the greatest mangaka for me!”
Sensei was smiling.

I was impressed by his manga past, and by his personality now.
Manga and Mangaka are great!

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