[Topic] An Event of Pop Team Epic Stopped by Police at Akiba

A brain cracking anime series Pop Team Epic has started from January 2018.


Official account tweeted to hold a promotional event to distribute a mask at an anime shop in the otaku city Akihabara.

Image of mask (clone Popuko in episode03)


On 21 January afternoon, otaku are coming to Akiba!!


And they have started to distribute.


Oh! Popuko and Pipimi are there ! (maybe)


But too many people are gathering !



Finally police agents are coming !!


The promoter decided to suspend this event to prevent accidents.


But otaku are well-mannered and very gentle.

Why do they cause an accident or raise a riot ?


They replied.


They are well-mannered as Pop Team Epic style.


Some lucky otaku have gained a treasure.


Who wants it ?


Wait, just wait a moment !!

Finally the guy who got this mask has appeared on the Boxing ring !

You will be the witness to history↓

[Okotta?] Otaku Boxer won with a Pop Team Epic Mask [Okotte naiyo]



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