[Photo] Enoshima

I went to Enoshima!
This is small island and connected to Kanagawa.

There is a big shrine!

Of course, Enoshima has very beautiful sea!(But today was very rough)

We can see Mt. Fuji from here!

Many anime are set in Enoshima so we can see posters in this island. Just Because!, TARI TARI, Tsuri Tama etc

Good illustration by cafe clerk!

A cat is waiting food?

Original Enoshima character “Enoshima Sanpo chan”. She is 2.5 dimensions character. Illustrator of her also cosplaying!



Kamaage Shirasu and Zuke-Maguro Teishoku(boiled young sardine and tuna pickled in soy sauce lunch set)

Sunset and Mt. Fuji from Enoshima

Enoshima is good sightseeing spot.
Please do try and go there sometime too!

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