[Japanese language] 上等Joutou

I got 上等梅酒Joutou-Umeshu!

“Joutou” means “high quality”.
“Umeshu” means “plum wine”.

So Joutou Umeshu is High quality plum wine!

But sometimes Joutou have other meaning.
This is Hanamichi Sakuragi who is a bad boy in Slam Dunk.
He says “上等だコラァ!!!Joutou da Kora!!!”

In English “C’mon!!!”

Why??? High quality???

This meaning is from the word of bad boy “喧嘩上等Kenka Joutou”

“Kenka” means “quarrel” and Kenka Joutou is used when one is picked a fight and accept a challenge to fight.
In this case, Joutou means C’mon.

Originally Joutou is “high quality”, in other words, “good things”
So Kenka Joutou means “Quarrel is bad things but good things for me!”

Japanese language is so difficult and interesting!

By the way, Joutou is often used Boys’ Love manga title for girls.

ロマンティック上等Romantic Joutou(Romantic is good)


ラブ上等!Love Joutou!(Love is good!)


メロメロ上等!Meromero Joutou!(Falling madly in love is good!)


How deep Japanese culture is!

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