[Topic][Japanese culture] 初詣Hatsumoude in 2018!

I went to Hatsumoude yesterday!
Hatsumoude means “First visit to shrine” and almost all Japanese do it in January.

Report of last year’s my Hatsumoude.
[Topic] 初詣Hatsumode

I bought Daruma at last year’s Hatsumoude.

In Japan, there is a custom to paint one eye at first. Like this.

And if this year was good year, we paint the other eye. Like this.

I and my wife also painted my Daruma’s eye in the first of January 2017!
Daruma I bought.

I and my wife painted each one eye!

Very cute!
And we had good year so we painted the other eye in the last of 2017.

I’m painting…


My wife is painting…


It is said that eye painted Daruma should return to shrine.
Let’s go shrine for Hatsumode!

Hmm…good shrine! I like shrine since I can have calm mind.

This is Katsushika Hachiman Gu which has long history(about 1200years!)

This is the box to return!!

Oh… a little dirty…
This shrine has 1200years history so this box also has long history…maybe…

I put down my Daruma in the box! Thank you and good bye!

And I like to draw Omikuji at Hatsumode!
Omikuji means fortune slip which is written rank of luck and kind words.

[Rank of luck]
大吉Dai Kichi  very good luck / Best Luck
吉Kichi  good luck
中吉Chu Kichi  Average Good Luck
小吉Sho Kichi  Average Luck
末吉Sue Kichi  Lucky in the End / Late Good Luck
凶Kyo  bad luck / No Luck
大凶Dai Kyo  extremely bad luck

This is Omikuji!

How is my this year’s fortune?

Rank of luck is 小吉Shokichi(Average Luck)!
And kind words are…

あせらばあせる程 苦しみ多く 騒げばさわぐ程損をする災い添う運です
Bad year. If you are panicked, you are going to get pain. If you make a noise, you are going to get loss.
If you are temperate, keep calm, being faithful person, you will get great luck later.

Oh…kind words…?
Ok, I’ll be honourable person to get luck!

Omikuji are tied in grounds of a shrine.

I bought amulet of health!

I’m 40 years old in last year and sometimes a bit sick…maybe because of age…
Let’s get health and luck in this year!!

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