[Japanese language] Japanese slang from otaku slang

There are many Japanese slang from otaku slang.
Young Japanese people sometimes like using otaku slang since almost all of them are a little otaku(they like kawaii characters, reading manga, watching anime)

リア充(Ria Ju)
It means “a person who is satisfied with one’s actual life”
Real + Jujitsu(enjoying)
Originally, its word were used by otaku person to not otaku person because otaku tend to enjoy virtual life not real life.

This is “Ria Ju”

This is “Not Ria Ju”
リア充爆発しろ!Ria Ju bakuhatsu shiro!(I hope all the happy people out there explode!)

Now, this word is used all young people!
“I’m Ria Ju today!”
“Wow, you are Ria Ju, I’m jealous!”

In addition, there is “Ria Ju Otaku” now!
They enjoy both virtual life and real life and are often featured on fashion magazine and TV.
This is new generation otaku!

壁ドンKabe Don(Kabe Don)
This word originally means banging on the wall to quieten one’s noisy neighbour in apartment.
Kabe(wall) + Don(onomatopoeia of banging)
Like this.

This word is used not otaku people now but meaning has changed!
Kabe Don for not otaku people is slamming one’s hand into the wall in front of somebody to stop them from leaving(often viewed as romantic)
Like this.

w(expressing smile or laugh)
Japanese people tend to be careful not to give somebody an unpleasant feeling by one’s saying.
So they often use cushioning word to express I don’t intend to give you an unpleasant feeling.
(笑)(warai) is one of them and have been used frequently.
(笑)(warai) means smile or laugh.
And its shortened form is “w”.


This is a mangaka Kazuhiro Fujita‘s book and title is “Don’t read this book w”.

“Don’t read this book” means only “You must not read this book”
“Don’t read this book w” means “Supposedly I’ll say that you should not read this book because mangaka’s works are written in it. So this book is very fun! I want to read!(with smile)”
w express smile, friendship, joke, shy, laugh, etc many feelings.

And w is sometimes used as ww , www , wwwwwww .
They means laugh almost the same as lol.

Originally (笑)was a little otaku slang and w was internet slang.
But they are used not otaku people in e-mail now since its usefulness!

As can be seen above, many otaku slang is used all over Japan!
I think this trend have grown for these 10 years.
All Japanese people may change to otaku in the future! w

There are many other Japanese slang from otaku slang.
I’ll introduce them next time!

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