[Report] Countdown Japan 2017-2018

I went to Countdown Japan 1718 on 29 December!
This is all genre music festival. J-pop, J-rock, Anison, Idol, etc many artists do concert!

I went to it with my friend who loves Japanese anime.
We saw a show of amazarashi, fripside, Lisa, KANA-BOON, WANIMA, Little Glee Monster.

I arrived Makuhari Messe on 11:00am.

So so many people!!!

In Japan now, music festival have great popularity. Countdown Japan is one of the most popular event(No,1 is Fuji Rock Festival)
I have been to punk rock music festival Independence-D about ten years ago.
But now festival have become so big it cannot be compared to ten years ago!


They sing about delicate feelings and mental anguish of young people.
Their characteristics of concert is “They don’t appear”!
Only screen, picture, movie, letter, sometimes their playing figure.
It is like a MV, first I became puzzled but I’m pulled into the world soon!

They also sing new OP of My Hero Academia


They are so famous and popular anison artist!
Fortunately we were able to get good place near the stage(countdownjapan is standing concert so we can move freely)
Seeing concert at close place is awesome!!
It was first time for me to see anison artist. I was beside myself with enjoy!!

They are famous for OP of A Certain Scientific Railgun


She is so so famous and popular anison rock artist!
Her concert was held so big stage and great number of fans were coming!
I don’t know well her song(only know My Hero Akademia’s ED), but her concert was the best of today!
She is the master of to live up fans and she has great voice and good song and live performances. Though I was not her fan, I became her fan from today!


They are popular J-Rock band. Also famous for Naruto’s OP.
I know some their songs and I thought they haven’t so punch. But I was surprised! They are so powerful!!
Great groovy musics and they makes me want to dance!!
In spite of new band, they are so accustomed to concert. Needless to say good voice and playing!


They are the most rising punk rock artist in Japan now!
Their songs have been often used TV commercial. I like their up-beat song.
So I was the most looking forward to their concert.
But today’s performance had too many talking…Oh, I wanted to listen more song and wanted to dance…

[Little Glee Monster]

They are girls acapella group.
I didn’t know about them untill recently. And this is the first time to see their stage.
Very beautiful voice! Dance! And cute!!
They are also new artist and their singing with all might is so beautiful.
This is Boruto’s OP

Countdown Japan 28 December was so excite event!
It is even pleasure that LiSA I didn’t know well was so great and WANIMA I expected so much was not so good.
But this is also big pleasure of music festival!
And I really appreciate my friend provide an opportunity for good festival for me!

You should go to concert too!!