[Topic] Today’s column of newspaper

Today’s newspaper!

Interview with three astronauts. Great!

Topic of the Emperor and Empress. So good!!

Column about buzzwords contest in Japan. The word “インスタ映えInsuta bae(Instagrammable)” got a grand prize this year.

Kemono Friends!?!?
It is so strange that there are words “けものフレンズKemonofriends” and “すっごーい!Suggooooi!(Greeeeeeat!)” at newspaper

In Japan, it is said that newspaper is hardly read by young people.
So mainly this column is read old people.
Can they know Kemono Friends!?

But the word すっごーい!Suggooooi!(Greeeeeeat!) will make they are happy!



I think that the biggest change for anime and other otaku culture latery is they have been used at public places.
For example, newspaper, advertisement, mascot character etc.

Though Japanese people love manga and anime, characters have appeared only at magazines or television screen before.

I think that it is very good change because these characters make friendly impression for not only Japanese old people but also people from different countries!

And the column is written about importance of recognizing and accepting each other’s qualities.

I hope otaku culture help making friendship all over the world!

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