[Topic] Mie University in Japan announced to establish the Master’s course of Ninja [Not Joke]

It’s needless to explain what is Ninja.

You know them well.

Do you know two famous ninja clans named Iga and Kouga ?

It was described in the anime series Basilisk.


It’s not a fiction story.

Village of Iga and Kouga really exist in Mie Prefecture.

And really both had been clans of ninja.

I don’t know whether they were killing each other or not.

Anyway, Mie Prefecture has been doing a promotion for tourists with motif of ninja.

You can visit the Ninja Museum in Mie.

Official site (English)

Finally, Mie University announced to establish the master’s course of Ninja at the Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics in the graduate school !!!

It’s not a joke.



Yeah ! I know it! I’ve seen it in Naruto !


We can call ourselves Master of Ninja after finishing this course.

Let’s send an application mail !


The 8th Hokage is you !


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