[News] Mamoru Hosoda reveals a new film “Mirai no Mirai” PV and Message

Director Mamoru Hosoda (細田 守) has released good films – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time(2006), Summer Wars (2009), Wolf Children (2012) and The Boy and the Beast (2015).

And he revealed a new film titled “Mirai no Mirai” (未来のミライ, Mirai From the Future).

Main character is 4-year-old boy Kun-chan.

He has been spoiled by family, but gets a little sister named Mirai. This makes him feel that she stole their parents’ love from him. He struggles to find love and meets his grown-up little sister came from the future.

“Mirai” means “future”.


Hosoda is a father of 5-year-old son and 2 year-old daughter and was inspired by their attitude to create this film.

“Though very common family in a house with backyard, I want to make a story of the circulation of life and the grand loop woven by human life. I want to describe the maximum theme with using minimum motifs. I want to explore a new expression for new families with a method of entertainment. You may find it moderate, but actually it hides an ambition.”


It will be released on 20 July which is the first day of summer vacation for Japanese students.



This story’s location is Yokohama city

It’s the biggest port city in Japan.

Please visit before watching the film, if you want.

Yokohama Visiters’ Guide



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