[Topic] Gengorou Tagame’s LGBT-themed Manga “My Brother’s Husband” will be adopted to TV drama



A Japanese manga author Gengorou Tagame (田亀 源五郎) introduces himself “gay erotic artist”. He also researches Japanese gay culture since 1950’s.

Official Site


“To The Future of Gay Culture”


“Gay Erotic Art in Japan vol.1”


He has been drawing erotic manga for adults (R18+) .

And “My Brother’s Husband (弟の夫, Otouto no Otto)” is his first manga series for all ages.

Yaichi (弥一) is a single father and very common man in Japan. He is kind, polite and has no interest in gay culture. His twin brother Ryoji (涼二) came out of gay to him when they were high school students. It made Yaichi hesitate to communicate with his brother. Ryoji had gone to Canada and died.


Mike is a Canadian and husband of Ryoji. He came to Japan to pay his respects to Yaichi’s family. He speaks well Japanese and has no language barriers with Japanese people.


Kana (夏菜). is a daughter of Yaichi. 9 years old girl. She didn’t know that her father has a brother. She likes Mike and is very innocent.

“Papa has a brother? Two men getting married!? It’s possible!?”


“You like Mike because he is a foreigner ?”

“Yes,Canada! Same as my name Kana!”


“Mike, which is husband ? Which is wife ?”

“Both are husbands.”


This story has neither dramatic events nor shocking episodes.

Tagame describes cultural differences between gay and straight, Canada and Japan, child and adlut, etc. Yaichi begins to change his attitudes gradually.

Yaichi recalls his memories with Ryoji and shape of the moon in his sight becomes fuzzy by tears.

It’s quiet and beautiful moment.


Tagame said in an interview;

“I want to send this work for many people as it’s possible. Many countries have legalized same sex marriage. Japan also may start to argue about it. I don’t hope that people discuss without knowledge. Please know it at first and think without bias.”


So he made a corner of “Mike’s Gay Culture Lesson” between episodes in this book.





Yaichi / Ryuta Sato (佐藤 隆太)

He has acted in some films based on manga.

Rookies, Umizaru, Heartbroken Chocolatier, Fullmetal Alchemist(Maes Hughes)


Mike / Baruto Kaito (把瑠都 凱斗 Kaido Höövelson)

Baruto was very strong Sumo wrestler from Estonia and current mixed martial arts fighter. He has a big body as 2m/180kg(6ft6/403lb) and smiles softly.


Kana / Maharu Nemoto (根本真陽)

Child actress at the age 9.


I strongly recommend you to read “My Brother’s Husband”.

And TV drama will be on aired with 3 episodes from March 2018 in Japan. But I’m sorry that I don’t know that it will be for international or not.



Author’s pen name comes from names of water bugs.

Tagame = Lethocerus deyrollei


Gengorou = Dytiscidae


But I don’t know why???



It’s French version. Box set!
Please sell like this in Japan !


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Very good introduction about this work.


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