[Topic] Phos was repaired with a tea ceremony technique ? [Houseki no Kuni]

Houseki no Kuni (Land of Lustrous) episode 8 has ended shockingly.

A new character Antarcticite has been captured by the Lunarians.

Ah, we must wait for the next episode.


In the story, Phosphophyllite lost his arms and his body was cracked.

Antarcticite put gold to rejoin his body parts, but it couldn’t.

And the Lunarians attacked them and crashed Antarcticite,

Soon after Phos is becoming fused with gold.

What a beautiful image !


Broken Phos is repaired with gold.

I guess it inspired from a technique called Kintsugi(金継ぎ) to repair broken pottery for Japanese tea ceremony (茶道) .

Broken pottery can be redesigned with this technique.

Then, Phos seems to become stronger ?



Master Kongou regrets deeply…


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