[Photo] I went to dog volunteer(foster parent) event “Bremen Park” on 19 November!

I went to dog volunteer(foster parent) event “Bremen Park” on 19 November!


This event was held at Makuhari Messe and it was so big hall and many events were held same time.

Where is dog event…

Oh, many American car!

It is Lowrider Super Show! Not dog…

Oh, many otaku girls!

It is concert of Yuri on Ice! Not dog…

I found! Here is dog foster parent event!

There are so many dogs who wanted foster parent.

They are all stray dogs… so sad!

And I’m also participating in volunteer work.
Now, this stray dog is in my home and I’m looking for foster parents.
Her name is “Yuka”!

And a television news crew come to Yuka!

I hope that good foster parent come to her by television news.

What is this? There is crowded with many people…

Sekai no Owari! They are very popular artist!

They collaborate with this event.
That’s great!
It is effective that the action of famous people’s calling out.
In practice, they have donated over hundred million Yen!!!!
And many fans of Sekai no Owari are coming this event!!

Collaboration song “Hey Ho”

By the way, it is said that Sekai no Owari’s English pronunciation is very good.
What do you think?

Dragon Night

SOS(Theme song for the movie of ATTACK ON TITAN)

Sekai no Owari means “End of the World”

I hope to End of the Sad World for all animals by finding good foster parents!

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