[Photo] Suwa lake

I went to Suwa lake 13 November – 14 November!

So beautiful!

But in Japan now, young people don’t go on trip often bocause of long and severe recession.
So there are many ruins too!

I think that they are also a kind of beauty, but it is serious problem for tourist resort.
So sometimes they try to warm up by using kawaii characters.
This is Suwa original character Suwa Hime !!


Oh…very cute…sticker!


Clear file folder!

Wrapping bus project by crowdfunding!!

Like this, cute character Suwahime-chan save Suwa! …maybe

And there is Suwa shrine which is an old temple with a long history in this city.
It is one of the oldest shrine in Japan.(already had stood in the late 7th century)

Great and beautiful!

And there are many Ema(a votive picture tablet).
Many people are wishing by them.

Touhou Project!?

Yes, Touhou Fujinroku is designed in the motif of Suwa and Suwa shrine!
Her name is Suwako

マンガ家に なれます ように Mangaka ni naremasu youni(My wish is to become a mangaka)

Great wish in Ema!!!!!
Your wish must come true!!!!!

Like this, Suwa is a little desolate city but very very good place!

By the way, there is many places which has otaku characters in Japan.
See also
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Please visit and find otaku characters!
We also always welcome you!!

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