[Topic] Hayao Miyazaki Last Film “How Do You Live?” Outline

Hayao Miyazaki revealed the title of his last film “How Do You Live?”  (君たちはどう生きるか, Kimitachi wa dou ikiruka?) on 28 October 2017.

This title comes from the novel published in 1937 by Genzaburou Yoshino (吉野 源三郎, 1899-1981).


Versions of original novel

Also comicarized

Yoshino was a journalist and an opinion leader in postwar Japan.

He wrote this educational novel for young people when Japan rushed into war in 1937.


Main character is a 15 years-old-boy, Junichi Honda.

His nickname is Koperu-kun given by his uncle.

It comes from Nicolaus Copernicus who advocated Heliocentrism.


Koperu-kun is full of curiosity and likes to learn.

Uncle sends letters to support him.

He experienced many things in school with friends and sometimes failed.


When he saw a can of milk powder from Australia, he invented an important theory.

This can has traced many paths with handling by many people.

He imagines that everything is tied together like mesh and calls it “relationship between human elements and law of mesh”.

Uncle wrote him that his thought is linked with economics and sociology.

Their correspondence continues.


At the last, Koperu-kun wrote;

“I believe that everyone must become a good friend with everyone in the world. Human has been making progress until now, it will be realized. I would like to be a man to contribute it.”


We can call it Enlightenment literature in old days. You may find an influence of Marxism or an aspect of Buddhism.

Anyway, it’s very hopeful and positive story.

Hayao Miyazaki is 76 years old now and wants to send a message to young people.

Wait for 2019 (?)

Trust Hayao !


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