[Topic] Strange Amusement Arcade in Chiba!

I went to strange amusement arcade in Matsudo, Chiba!

This is 大慶園Daikeien

Look like not Japan.

At first glance, it looks ordinary amusement arcade.

Initial D

Taiko no Tatsujin & Mario Kart

Very old game

Purikura(Photo booth)

Batting cage

Wow! Kart racing circuit!!

Oh, Heliport !?

Pig!?!? It’s over my head!!

Oh…Sumo game…but so old…

Dirty big Pikachu…


There are many automobiles! Do they move…?

Goldfish…I am confused…

Many figures! My healing!

This strange amusement arcade Daikeien is so famous with its individuality in Chiba.
According to website, manager of this amusement arcade is Japanese pear farmer.
So delicious Japanese pear have changed strange objects!

If you come to Chiba, let’s experience!