[Topic] A Vietnamese won a Rookie Award in Weekly Shonen Magazine [Manga]

I believe that Manga is best culture of Japan.

Many manga are translated and are distributed to all over the World.

So manga has been developing in Japan and most of manga author (mangaka) are Japanese.

But our publishers want new talents of the World as I already posted an article.

 [Topic] Jump’s Universal Manga Contest wants you !


Do you know the second biggest manga magazine named Weekly Shonen Magazine ?

It has been giving us many good manga!

Hajime no Ippo, The Seven Deadly Sins, Ace of Diamond,etc,


They have been holding a monthly rookie award.

On October 2017, the winner comes from Vietnam!

His name is PHAM KHANH TWONG, drawing in the capital city Hanoi.

“Po’s World” !



A village was invaded by a bad guy.


A woman named Wily came to the Capital city to find a support.

She reached to a prison.

People can hire a prisoner to work for their purposes.

A little boy as prisoner NO.794 named Po is selected for her.

He is too small to fight against the bad guy, but so mysterious.v


Oh! Pretty boy! He likes ramen!

They are returning to the village.


This guy looks very strong. He has an ability to transform to rocks.

Of course, Po also has a special ability.


It’s a good action story.

Please wait until this manga will be published.

Don’t forget his name, PHAM KHANH TWONG !


Or you also will become a mangaka in Japan!


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