[Topic] Why did Trump invite Pikotaro ? Secret in Diplomacy

US President Donald Trump has come to Japan with his adviser Ivanka.

Take it easy, this is not a political blog.


An official banquet had held for them in Tokyo.

And a special guest was invited !


He is a performer in Youtube, Pikotaro, famous for PPAP(Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen).

He met US President and our Prime Minister.


Trump “Oh, don’t you sing ?”

Pikotaro “Yes, I go to sing now !”

Trump “Stop. (in a small voice)”


That’s all communication between big boss and glittering man.


From the first, why was Pikotaro invited there ?

I’ve found an answer.


Apologies in advance—this may be stuck in your head all day. #PineapplePen ???

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Trump’s granddaughter, Arabella Rose has sung PPAP !

I guess that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan gave consideration to her.

It’s called diplomacy ?

I don’t know.


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