[Topic] Land of the Lustrous Charas & their original Jewels – Updated!

A series anime Land of the Lustrous (宝石の国, Houseki no Kuni) has many “jewel people”.

Their appearances are based on the jewel with the same name.

Show you the pictures !

  1. Phosphophyllite


2. Cinnabar

3. Diamond

4. Bort



5. Morganite


6. Goshenite


7. Rutile



8. Jade


9. Red Beryl


10. Amethyst


11. Benitoite


12. Neptunite


13. Zircon


14. Obsidian



15. Yellow Diamond



16. Euclase



17. Alexandrite


18. Master Kongou

Kongou (金剛) means diamond in ancient Japanese word.


19. Antarcticite


20. Ventricosus (Admirabilis)


21.Aculeatus (Admirabilis)


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