[Japanese Language] Inuyashiki lives in a dog house ?

A new anime series “Inuyashiki” (いぬやしき) has been started on October 2017!

Its original manga is drawn by Hiroya Oku, who is also the author of “Gantz”.


Main character is an elderly man with an uncaring family and his body is accidentally mechanized by an UFO. This comical opening will become an action story!

His name is Ichirou Inuyashiki (犬屋敷 壱郎 = いぬやしき いちろう).


This word inuyashiki means inu (dog) + yashiki (mansion).

It’s almost equal to dog house = kennel.

But yashiki is not normal house, we image bigger and luxurious mansion.

Generally we call dog house as inugoya (= dog cabin)

And sometimes we compare small house to inugoya as a joke.


In the beginning of this story, he has bought a house for his family.

It’s a small one, but very big mansion for him.

As a symbolic act, he saved a stray dog

Then this story and his name is inu-yashiki.

Not small !


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