[Tourism] Your Name Bus Tour in Tokyo

Hi,my friends who love “Your Name” (Kininonaha, 君の名は).

This big hit film has given us many things.

So now, the Your Name Bus Tour started in Tokyo !

In the film, Taki lives in Tokyo and sometimes exchanges bodies with Mitsuha.

You can trace those scenes by this bus.


1.Way to their school (in front of the National Diet Building)

2.Pedestrian bridge at Shinano machi (Taki called Mitsuha)

3.Shinano machi

4.Totsuya, street intersection




8.Shinjuku ( Mitsuha (in Taki) was pleased to see the city of Tokyo)

9.Yotsuya Station


And you can eat meals in the film.

Cake, Mitsuha (in Taki) loves.


Bread, boys gave to Mitsuha (in Taki) at lunch time


And a cup of coffee with a plate.

お前は誰だ? = Who are you ?

So lovely!  You can become Taki or Mitsuha in Tokyo!

Reservation here



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