[Manga] Chihayafuru getting a spinoff “Chihayafuru in the Middle-School”

A series anime Chihayafuru (ちはやふる) is the story of competion of a card game called Karuta.

It was originally published a manga series by Yuki Suetsugu (末次 由紀).


Now October 2017, its new spinoff series manga will start !

The story in the middle-school among Chihaya, Taichi and Arata will be described.

It’s based on the novel series written by Yui Tokimi (時海 結以).

Manga is drawn by Oto Tokita (時田 おと).

This picture is main characters in the elementary school (in anime).


And these are cover arts for novel series drawn by Yuki Suetsugu.

They are middle-school students.

Their story in that time has never been described.

Just wait with pleasure !


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