[Manga] Very Tender Amae-chan [Lolicon]

A new series of Manga has been published.
It names “Very Tender Amae-chan” (Tottemo Yasashii Amae-chan, とっても優しい あまえちゃん).

Main character is this man who wants to become a professional manga author (mangaka).



Heroine is Amae-chan who is his neighbor. She is an elementary schoolchild and has  particular physical characteristics as you see.

This story is very simple.

He spoils her too much.

She treats him like a baby.

That’s all!


They promised to marry each other when he becomes a mangaka.


Our society is too hard ?

Ok, cry as you like.


Promotion video, voiced by seiyu Ai Furihata (Love Live! Sunshine!! as Ruby Kurosawa).



Hoping it will be animated!


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